Core Specific Revolution Class

Come be apart of the best group fitness workout Core Specific Revolution. Contact us today to claim your free pass!!

Below is sample of what the next workout will  be.

Warm up

Sampson Stretch (hold each side for 15 seconds)
15 Overhead Squats with Bar
15 Sit-Ups (modify with knee tucks if needed)
15 Back Extensions
15 Push-Ups (modify on knees if needed)
30 (15 Mountain Climbers) 2-3 Sets
20 (10 Around The World…10 OverHead Squats) 
15 (5 Super-Twists…10 Second Hold) x3
10  Switch-Hand Push-Ups
15 (5 Heel-Touch to Bridge…10 Scissors In/Out) x3
20 (10 Sumo-Deadlift to Highpull…10 Push Press) 
30 Plank Challenge (20-60 sec)
core specific revolution speimen 3

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