Ultimate Fitness takes great pride in being an elite center for athletes and anyone serious about getting results.

Ultimate Fitness Chula Vista was designed to be the gym that gets you in the best shape of your life. There are no treadmills at this gym. There will never be treadmills at this gym. If you are some one that “needs a treadmill” or “more cardio machines”. This is not the gym for you!!! The reason Oxford has limited cardio is because it is meant to be just for a warm up.

Do not be fooled by flashy gyms with a lot of cardio machines…flashy gym equipment does not mean results. It is so easy for a gym to say “just do the treadmill or pay extra for personal training.”. The reality is you need to interact with the staff and instructors, be apart of the team, be apart of the energy, be apart of the motivation, and push your self. Never give up!!! It is so easy to give up when you feel alone or uncomfortable at the gym!!

Our Core Specifc Express is a revolutionary group training program designed to be your motivation, interaction, cardio and sports conditioning. Being a member of Ultimate Fitness Center and Core Specific means be apart of a family that believes in family, unity, and motivation!! This is not your traditional gym. This is an elite training center!!!


635 OXFORD ST SUITE E | CHULA VISTA | CA | 91911| 619-576-3511

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Ultimate Fitness Imperial Beach was designed to be an old school classic bodybuilding style gym.  When you step into this location, you will see old school isolation machines they are no longer on the market.  The classic isolation training machines at the gym are the best next to none.  From bicep isolation machines to vertical leg press and multiple variations of chest isolation machines, if you are ready to build lean solid muscle, this is the gym for  you.


750 13TH STREET A5 | IMPERIAL BEACH | CA 91932| 619-423-3600

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