Core Specific Boot Camp Workout

Warm up

Sampson Stretch

15 Overhead Squat

15 Sit-Ups

15 Back Extentions

15 Push-up



10 Mountain Climbers & 5 High Jumps  (2-3 sets)

10 Squat Elbow Strike & 10 Rising Stars

5 Atomic Sit Ups & 10 Reaching Crunch (2-3 sets)

10 Rock Climb Push Ups

15 V-Ups (2-3 sets)

10 Bent Over Row & 10 Thruster

Plank Challenge


Click Here For Video Demonstration


Keep Pushing your self and never give up!!! Reach your peak performance with Core Specific Boot Camps.  New routines every week and nutritional tips and recipes.


Remember to drink plenty of water before working out. Stop by the pro shop today for pre workout, protein and vitamins.





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