Thanksgiving Fitness Tips

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.   A turkey feast and endless amounts of dessert are what comes to mind when we think about the iconic Thanksgiving meal.  My dessert of choice for Thanksgiving is cheesecake.


Unfortunately,  Thanksgiving  is also  iconic for overindulging on desserts, followed by guilt and some extra unwanted weight.


With that being said, here are a few tips to help you have the best Thanksgiving meal GUILT FREE.


  1. Exercise Thanksgiving morning


Doing a workout Thanksgiving morning will help you be in a calorie deficit.  This means there will be more room in your daily caloric intake for that dessert.


*There will be a Core Specific class 8:15A.M. Thanksgiving  morning*


  1. Don’t skip meals during the day


Skipping meals before your morning workout to “build up an appetite” for  the feast will make you more likely  to binge eat by the time dinner is served.


  1. Make protein the priority


Begin your Thanksgiving meal with the turkey (protein source).  This will help  your muscles recover from your intense morning workout  and will limit the amount of dessert you will have later.


  1. Drink water and take a break between your main meal and dessert


Drinking plenty of water and taking a 15-20 min break between the main meal and dessert will help your body send the message from your stomach to your brain that you are almost full.


  1. Avoid excess alcohol


Key word is “EXCESS”. Too much alcohol before your  meal will increase the chance of binge eating at dinner  (not to mention the additional calories from the alcohol). If you want to have a drink, go for it. This time of year is about balance.


  1. Remember, one cheat meal will not ruin all of your training


So you followed all of these tips, and you decided that you still wanted an extra serving  of food.  Don’t stress about it. Be happy. One cheat meal will not ruin the last year of training.


Remember, Thanksgiving comes only once a year,  and try to make enjoying time with your loved ones a priority.  Life can become busy, and it becomes  hard to spend quality time with friends and family. Lost time can never be found again.  Don’t let guilt from the Thanksgiving dinner ruin the precious moments.



I hope this article was helpful.  Please send me  an email or message on social  media if there are any topics you would like us to cover in the future.


Happy Holidays,


Houston Fry

Ultimate Fitness



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