Feeling Restless During COVID-19? Here Are Fitness Tips the Whole Family Can Use

Staying home can have you feeling cabin fever—especially if you’re skipping your regular fitness routine. For kids and parents alike, keeping active is essential for handling COVID-19. As some areas begin to reopen, there are both indoor and outdoor activities you can enjoy as a family.

Start Off with Healthy Habits

Physical fitness is only part of the equation. Families should also practice healthy habits—and avoid lockdown-related snacking.

Then Get Moving Inside

You want to stay active indoors, but how? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to start moving, even in a small space.

Get Outside When It’s Safe

In some areas, restrictions are loosening up, and you may be able to safely venture out for exercise.

  • Engage in outdoor exercise that works with social distancing.
  • Check with your local fitness center for reopening dates (and new guidelines).
  • Decide whether it’s safe to hit the gym—and protect yourself when you do.

Getting active can be challenging when you’re stuck at home. But in addition to embracing healthy habits as a family, you can also stay fit and have fun. By working out indoors and exercising outdoors safely, you’ll emerge from quarantine healthier—and happier—than ever.

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