Corer Specific Boot Camp Workout

Core Specific Boot Camp Workout 
Warm Up:
Sampson Stretch (hold each side for 15 seconds)
15 Overhead Squats with Bar
15 Sit-Ups (modify with knee tucks if needed)
15 Back Extensions
15 Push-Ups (modify on knees if needed)
30 (10 Touchdowns…5 kicks left/ 5 right) x2
20 (10 Around The World…5 Single Lunge right/ 5 left) 
15  (5 Get-Ups…10 Bicycles) x3
10  Rock Climb Push-Ups 
15  (5 Super Twists…10 Second Hold) x3 
20 (10 Deadlifts…10 Split Jerks) 
30 Plank Challenge (20-60 sec)

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