Simple Tips For Weight Loss After Quarrantine

The gyms are back open and it is time to fully get back on track.  Many people had a hard time staying on track with nutrition during the lockdown.  It is common to snack more on unhealthy foods or overeat when you feel out of rhythm.  Let us put that in the past and focus on life getting back on track.  

  1. Track your calories and make note of you felt before and after eating. Did you eat because  you were hungry or did you eat because you were bored?
  2. Watch your meal timing. Try to have you biggest meals earlier in the day.
  3. Small healthy snacks (baby carrots for example) help reduce hunger and keep your metabolism burning.
  4. Minized saturated fats, sugary foods, and refined foods.
  6. Eat every 3-4 hours. Remember a couple  baby carrots as a snack count as a meal.
  7. Have protein with every meal.
  8. Eat within 2 hours of exercise.
  9. Avoid fried foods. Use non fat cooking sprays.
  10. Increase fiber intake (25-35 grams per day) . This will help keep you full.
  11. Eat slowly.
  12. Meal prep as much as possible to help avoid fast food.
  13. Drink 8 ounces of water before each meal.
  14. Think about how important your goals are to you before having a cheat meal. Practice discipline.

If you feel  like you have been “stuck” with weight loss lately.  Step 1 will be to track your calorie intake  see exactly how much you are consuming and reduce your intake by 500 calories.  Step 2 is increase the intensity of your workouts. Keep in mind, the healthier you eat, the harder you will be able to train and the better you will recover.

I recommend a small piece of fruit 45-60 min before training and a protein shake or protein based meal within half hour after finishing your exercise.  If you work out before you go to bed,  you can still eat but make sure you are still in a calorie deficit.  If you are training hard but you are not seeing weight loss, you are consuming too many calories and need to decide in what meals you are committed to reducing calorie intake.

1 bad  meal will not ruin your goals, but 1 good meal will not get you to  your goals.   If you have any questions reach out at any time.

Looking forward to everyone adding more resistant training back into their workouts.

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Houston Fry

Ultimate Fitness Coach


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