It’s the start that stops most people.

The start is what stops most people from changing their habits to live a healthy life style. Reasons my vary from the fear change, fear long term contracts, the gym is intimidating, or  it seems like a “large investment” etc. Some how we claim to have a great and valid reason not to go to the gym and live a healthy life style.


The reality 10364143_893204890692528_1122186994507188759_nis that it is crucial to live a healthy lifestyle. There is more to the gym than getting that “BEACH BODY”.  It is important for us to be active and healthy in order to keep our blood pressure  and blood sugar with in healthy levels as we age.


Exercise should be used as a form of preventative health care for your body.  Too often we become stuck in our routine of excuses to justify why we can not work out or why we do not like the gym.

Not only have I worked in the industry for over 10 years, I have seen first hand with close family members the struggle to begin a healthy lifestyle once the negative  effects of high blood pressure and diabetes begin.  Remember, a healthy body also keeps the mind strong and healthy. Once your body begins to fee the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, this will roll over to effect the mental health with issues such as depression and social anxiety. What I mean is that you will look at yourself in the mirror and say “it’s too late” “why start now” or “I’ll never be as good as I used to be”.

Do not let this happen to you. Do not wait until your are on an arsenal of medication for health reasons that could have been prevented by basic fitness routine.

Believe me. It is the start that stops most people. Make the sacrifice for 1 month and you will see the improved energy levels, better sleep, better self esteem, and better quality of life. 2 or 3 days a week at the gym for preventative maintenance on you body is all you need to get the ball rolling.

Follow the link below for a FIRST TIME MEMBER PROMOTION. It can not be any easier.  No contract, no high enrollment fees, and no long term commitment. I am asking that you give  yourself 1 month to see why this should be a permanent lifestyle. If you do not want to do it for your self, do it for  your spouse, children or grandchildren.  I am sure they will appreciate seeing you vibrant and full of life.




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