Improve Your Kettle Bell Swings

Kettle bell swings are a great compound (multi joint) movement to build lean muscle in your legs and arms as well as improve overall endurance.  There are many different versions of kettle bell swings and each serve a different purpose.  However, back safety is always a priority of each version.

Although your hips and knees are used in a kettle bell swing, it is a “hip dominant” exercise similar to how deadlifts are hip dominant. Most of the explosive power in a kettle bell swing is coming from your glutes in the hip drive portion of the exercise.

A common mistake is that people try to make kettle bell swings a “knee dominant” exercise. In short, a lot of people do a squat and swing the kettle bell around. By doing this the momentum is making the kettle bell drop too low below your knees during the swing and is putting your lower back at risk.  If you lower back is burning or hurting the most, there is a strong possibility that you have too much knee flexion and the momentum is pulling you down too low and you lower back is paying the price.

Below is a quick step by step guide to the basic of the kettle bell swing.  Keeping your chest out, back tight, and driving with your hips will apply to most versions of the kettle bell swing.

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