The Best Tips For Those Training For A Marathon

The Best Tips For Those Training For A Marathon   For anyone interested in becoming a runner–or for runners interested in participating in a marathon — it’s important to do some research first on what exactly goes into the sport. While it’s a great way to get (or stay) in shape, it can also be hard on your body if done improperly, and many precautions need to be taken to ensure you stay healthy and safe while you’re participating.   One of the first things a runner should know is that the right shoes can make you or break you. Don’t listen to recommendations from a friend, as every shoe fits differently on a different foot. Take your time looking around at the shoe store, and get your foot measured and the shoe fitted properly before you make a decision.   “Get fitted at a pro running store. If you are serious about completing a full marathon, it’s worth the investment. Spend time getting the perfect shoe for your foot. Your friend may convince you about a specific brand, but…

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