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Looking great and feeling even better is not a mind over matter process. It is the result of hard work that you put into yourself on the inside and out. Ultimate Fitness knows this and strives to bring you the most up to date and relevant information on how to stay well. The following blog post offers content that can help you do just that.


Youthful Exuberance


For those of us who have been sitting comfortably in adulthood for a decade or more, we tend to measure our wellness by how old we feel. Fortunately, 40 is the new 20, and there are many ways to maintain our youthful looks and feelings without having a midlife crisis. A few of these are to:


  • Dress for comfort. While getting dolled up for a night out can make you feel beautiful, nothing screams confidence like being comfortable. Don’t be afraid to invest in some comfortable and flattering pieces, like a pair of form-fitting leggings, a new bra, sleep pants, or a cozy robe to wear around the house. When you feel unrestricted, you won’t have anything in your way when it’s time to get moving and grooving.


  • It’s usually a good idea to be honest with yourself all the time, but, if you’re feeling down in the dumps, smiling is a quick way to make your brain think you’re happier than you are, according to CBS News. And, this is one area where the old adage, “fake it until you make it” rings loud and true. The more you smile, the better you feel, and your brain will begin to release a dose of dopamine that can turn your forced smile into a genuine grin.


  • Have sex. Believe it or not, intimate time with someone you love – or even with yourself – can make you look up to seven years younger than your birth certificate would suggest. Sex, like exercise, releases endorphins. In addition to making you feel happy, endorphins also affect your physical appearance by triggering the release of certain growth hormones that improve skin elasticity.


  • Get a puppy. Dogs are no doubt man’s best friend. They are loyal, faithful companions that provide more than just love. Having a dog encourages physical activity, and they also can help relieve stress. Further, an animal living in your home may even improve your social relationships. If you must take them to the dog park, for example, you are more likely to come into contact with others who share a similar love of canine kind.


  • Spend time with friends. Speaking of social connections, making a point to keep your strong is another way to feel your very best. Time with friends reinforces your self-image, keeps you active, and allows you to enjoy shared experiences. And you don’t have to limit your social time to people your own age; making friends who are years older or younger has benefits, too.



Healthy practices


Everything you do each day plays a significant role in how you look and feel. In addition to the above, make sure that you prioritize healthy habits, such as eating a balanced diet and exercising. You can also keep yourself healthy by avoiding negative vices, such as smoking and overindulging in alcohol.


They say that age is nothing but a number. While this certainly holds true, the older we get, the more we want to hold on to our youth. Small steps, such as spending time with our friends, enjoying intimate relationships, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, will go a long way toward helping you look and feel like the healthiest, youngest version of yourself possible.


If you’re still looking for more information on how to maintain your mind and body, check out Ultimate Fitness’s online magazine.


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