It was just another day. We all heard about the corona virus and continued on our way with our regular routine. Maybe you were someone who was completely happy with your daily routine. Maybe you were someone that needed to make a couple changes in the routine. I can say with confidence that none of us expected a statewide lockdown to be a part of the new routine. For those of us who NEED the gym, we did not expect the state to shut the gym down.

Where do we go from here? For starters, we have to stay positive  by remembering this shut down is temporary. The gym will be reopening soon and we will all be back to “crushing”‘ and/or “killing” our workouts. We will be back. We will not be stopped.

During this lockdown period, it is extremely important to keep a healthy routine and stay active. You do not want to allow yourself to slip to the point of cabin fever and bad habits.

Here are a few tips to help us all get through this together.


If you are temporarily not working right now, continue to wake up at  the same time and eat a healthy breakfast. It sounds so simple but it can be hard to do.  Keeping a good sleep schedule will help your body stay in a rhythm. Whether you are working or not working, keep exercising at the same time every day. I agree it is  not the same as the gym, but the goal right now is to keep the good habits.


Eating a healthy breakfast will set the pace for the day.  If you skip breakfast, you are likely to binge eat later in the day. If you start the day with an unhealthy breakfast, you will not be motivated to eat better later in the day.


Do not let the gyms temporary closure  be your justification to increase alcohol consumption. These are empty calories, bad habits, and will make it extremely difficult to make it back into the gym. When the gym is reopened, you want to be back to back with us on  day 1 ready to go.


Text messaging and social media is a great way to stay connected. However, a live video chat will help share emotions more than just a text message or photo.  Having healthy social interaction is a way to help stay accountable with good habits and stay positive.


The restaurant, bars, theaters, amusement parks and gyms are closed. In short, we are all spending more time at home.  Since we are home more often, it is very easy to “put off” putting laundry away or doing the dishes.  Allowing your house to become disorganized or unkempt will slowly lead to feeling lazy or depressed. During this world crisis, there is not time for any of those feelings.


In closing, we are all in this together. Ultimate Fitness is extremely thankful for all of the support we have received from our members during this crisis. We miss seeing everyone at the gym. We miss seeing everyone pushing themselves to reach their goal. We know we will all be together at the gym again soon.


If you are having a hard time staying motivated, send us an email or DM on Instagram about our 30 Free Trial of the Ultimate Fitness Coaching app.

Have a great day,


Houston Fry

Ultimate Fitness

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