How to stick to your New Year Resolution

January marks the beginning of the season for  New Year Resolutions. The holidays have come to a close, and you are feeling a little guilty for not being as consistent as you intended with your fitness and nutrition habits.  Let’s take a moment and be honest.  Most people will fall off  their New Year Resolution by the first week of February.

Taking this fact into consideration, do not get overwhelmed with the idea of taking every single nutrition supplement and training 6 days per week.  In order to have success in sticking to your goals in 2020,develop a system  of habits that you will enjoy.


If you are brand new to fitness or have been out of fitness for more than 2 months, here are a few tips to help you get started.


  1. Work out only 3 days per week

Keeping a simple workout program during the first month in the gym will make the transition  to being more active smoother.  Training more than 3 days per week in the beginning will increase your chances of “being too sore” or “burning out” of the gym.

  1. Make drinking more water and less sugar drinks a priority

During the winter months, the average person does not consume enough water. In addition, consuming caffeine and adding more protein sources to your diet will increase your need for water.  Make it a top priority to limit sodas and juices.

  1. Have a healthy dinner during the week

If it has been a long time or you are new to nutrition habits relating to fitness, it can be confusing about which “diet” or “meal plan” will work best to reach your goals. Take it one step at a time before you become overwhelmed  by  clearing out the refrigerator and stocking  up on all the new foods you will be adding to your diet.  Start with having a healthy dinner every night during the week.  Pick a veggie source and a protein source to eat each night for dinner.  If  you are used to having a king’s feast for dinner, this will take some effort the first week.  Once this becomes effortless, you can start focusing on making changes to your other meals.  This approach will help you set better long term habits.

  1. Join a group training class

Feeling lost or alone in the gym can put a damper on your motivation.  Join group training class to become a part of the gyms camaraderie and energy.  This will give you that sense of community and team work.

  1. Encourage a friend or family member to be your workout buddy

Accountability is a key element when you are trying to make changes.  Having  someone with the same goals as you will help keep each other motivated and discipline.

6 Remember to have fun

Although this sounds needless to say, this is very important.  Your goal is to make this a life style.  Do not give yourself a hard time or constantly judge yourself. Look yourself in the mirror, smile, and remember to have fun.  The more fun you are having, the easier it will be to make it a lifestyle

  1. Do not check the scale every day

Although taking measurements are important to track progress, do get consumed with the emotional rollercoaster of checking the scale every day.  It is normal for the body to fluctuate up and down 3-6 lbs based on food and water intake.  Checking the scale daily is a sure way to make the gym a bad experience.

I hope you found this article helpful.  Send me a message or email on any topics you would like to learn about.

The Ultimate Fitness Coach app is expected to be complete early January.  I will be offering a 30 day free trial as a part of the official launch. . More details coming soon.


Happy New Year’s,

Houston Fry

Ultimate Fitness


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