2 Week Free Core Pass & Core Specific Boot Camp

Haven’ tried a Core Specific Class yet?  

Take advantage of this 2 week free Core Pass (first time guest 18 years w/ID) and try the revolutionary group training program that will push you to discover your inner athlete and see the results you have been wanting.   Below is this weeks workout!!! We will see you there!!!


Warm Up:
Sampson Stretch (hold each side for 15 seconds)
15 Overhead Squats with Bar
15 Sit-Ups (modify with knee tucks if needed)
15 Back Extensions
15 Push-Ups (modify on knees if needed)
30 (5 Cherry pickers…10 High Knees) x2
20 (10 Squat to Twist…10 Rising Stars) 
15  (5 Single V-Up right/ 5 Single V-Up left/ 5 Reg V-Up) x3
10  Superman Push-Ups 
15  Knee Tuck transfers (modify 8-10 reps if needed) x3 
20 (10 Hang Power Cleans…10 Thrusters) 
30 Plank Challenge (20-60 sec)

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